Slide Out Repairs

A camper slide-out has completely changed the game when it comes to maximizing the confined living quarters of an RV. With a slide out, you can add much needed space to your RV living space when you reach your destination, and all it takes is the push of a button. But, like any RV component, there’s potential for malfunction and the occasional troubleshooting.

For any number of reasons, your camper slide-out might take on an unpleasant grinding noise when being extended or retracted. Apart from the disagreeable sound this causes, that grinding is also bad for the camper slide-out itself, as it’s likely the result of faulty parts and/or debris.

Slide outs also have a tendency to jam or leak at the seals. OR the cables might jam or gears jam.

Whatever the problem might be that is causing your slide out problem, we can fix it for you.

It is also important to have the slide out checked and regularly maintained. Don;t find your problem when you arrive at your camp site. It will ruin your trip.

Plan ahead and give us a call to have the slide out on YOUR RV checked.