Roof Repairs

By far, the roof is one of the most important parts of the RV. As long as moisture is kept from penetrating this surface the interior is safe from damage. Because owners leave the camper sitting out in the sunlight much of the time, the roof is exposed to harmful sun and heat damage

While older models used metal as a roof covering, today’s models usually use metal coated with vinyl or rubber sheeting. These vinyl coverings will stand lots of abuse for a few years. But eventually, because of UV damage and because the covering flexes while the camper is being moved, leaks are inevitable.

The first hint of leaks in the RV will usually be along the outside edges of the roof. Here, and around any roof-mounted objects (A/Cs, exhaust stacks, vents), sheet-metal screws hold the metal sheeting to the walls and roof rafters. The screws are usually coated with sealer but this hardens over time. Stains will appear inside the unit before you realize you have a leak.

Using a quality rubber-based coating will prevent or repair many of these leaks if the damage hasn’t gone too far. We would advise applying a coating to the roof every year to avoid having to completely replace the roof sheeting. Unless you choose to replace the roof covering yourself, this job can cost thousands of dollars, especially if the material beneath the roof covering is damaged.

We will examine your roof and determine with you if there is a problem and how we can solve it.

Give us a call and set up an appointment for an inspection.