Awning Repairs

The sun is also very hard on your awning and can destroy it quickly by drying it out and cracking it with damaging UV rays.

It’s important to address any issues with your awning immediately, and to check your awning at the beginning of each season for any tears or holes. It’s far more convenient to discover awning damage during a pre-trip check, rather then when you’re out in the elements when water begins leaking through the imperfect fabric. Obviously, these holes or tears will allow water and debris to leak through. Not only that, but a good gust of wind could easily increase the size of a tear or hole, making it more difficult, if not impossible, to complete your necessary RV awning repair.

Bring your rig into us for an Awning Examination and we will repair those little problems before they become BIG ones.

If your awning is already past the point of repair, give us a call and we will replace that old awning with a new one for you. While we're at it we'll also check the spring tension and trip levers, so your entire awning is in perfect working condition.